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The (In) Complete Start-Up Internet Marketing Guide

For my fellow world inhabitants at this time of global economic turmoil, we must help each other, now more than ever.

A friend of mine recently lost his job. He was smart enough to see the writing on the wall and make some plans before his employer went under, but it has still had a major impact on his economic well being. As we watch the news stories of companies getting multibillion dollar bailouts so that their CEO’s can fuel up their private jets, others are suffering.

Landing Page Optimization Breakthrough

New landing page optimization breakthrough from OnDialog. This announcement from Tim Ash, CEO of SiteTuners, at PubCon South in Austin, Texas may prove to be a new beginning for those marketers looking to take control of their marketing optimization.

Why your website needs a sitemap and how you should build it.

First and foremost, there is a website that describes in thorough detail how to build a sitemap. It is located at
The purpose of this blog is to shrink down their “protocol” aka, instructions, to a short and sweet version with commentary.
These instructions are intended for sites with less than 50,000 web pages.
You will be [...]

Class C IP Explained – What you need to know!

It is important to understand exactly what the class C IP means, and why it is important.
One of the things that I always preach when it comes to SEO, is to step back, and look at it from a common sense standpoint.
If three of your sites are using the same exact shared IP, and they [...]


It is important to have both your SEM and SEO already set up before you launch your DRTV campaign. If you do this correctly, your unique urls and branded search will generate the actions you desire instead of sending visitors to your competition.

Analyze Your Competitors

If you’re wondering what your competitors are doing that you are not, spend some time analyzing their practices.
A great place to start is analyzing their traffic at The nice thing about this website is it gives you the ability to compare your website with multiple competitors giving you a side by side analyzation.
This graph [...]

Search Engine Beer Goggles

Many people do not realize that search engine spiders cannot see ANY images from your website.
Do you know what your website looks like without any images at all? For the most of us, this is probably a pretty ugly picture.
When people refer to the “look” of a website, they are referring to styles and images. [...] List of Link Building Tools
I found a few neat tools on this list.
The auto form fillers help out tremendously when submitting your site to directories.
They also mention as well, which has always been a fantastic first step when link building and analyzing your website.

Top SEO and PPC Keyword Building Tools

Finding the best keywords to optimize your site for can take forever. Make sure you start with the right tools so you get good answers and use your time wisely. Try some of the most used keyword building tools and some of the others before coming up with your final keyword targeting strategy.

An invaluable SEO tip lies inside…

I’ve spent years looking for valuable SEO websites that contain great resources.
Unfortunately on  more than one occasion I have lost those links.  Whether to a computer reformat or improperly managing my bookmarks, I always seem to lose the links that matter most.
Well, all but solved that problem.
However, that is not a secret, most people [...]