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How to SEO on Twitter: Keywords Keywords Keywords

There Are Two Types of Twitter Searches
There are two types of keywords on Twitter. The actual keyword as it exists, such as “college” and the hash tag “#college” version of the keyword.
Searching for either of these will display two different sets of results.
It goes without saying that the natural method of search is to type [...]

Fighting Twitter Spam – Twitter Will Need Help

I recently had someone follow me on twitter that had 39,000+ friends (in other words, they were following that many people).
How can someone possibly follow that many people? Clearly they are not on twitter to follow 39,000 people. Their theory is that if they can follow the maximum amount of people that Twitter will allow [...]

The Twitterlution!

a sudden, complete or marked change in something: the present revolution in church architecture.
Don’t even bother googling it, it doesn’t exist. I just made it up.
After spending a little time watching the evolution of Twitter, which quickly followed the revolution of media, I find myself blown away at the incredible rate at which innovation is [...]