Search Engine Optimization Tools

There are many tools that can be used for SEO. Many of them are extremely useful, such as and itself.

We have customized and built some of our own tools that simplify some of the daily SEO activities.

Things such as meta character count, keyword count, title relevancy, page text ratio, page load time, header responses, and much more. These tools quickly scan and report back results based on optimization techniques we have established as guidelines to SEO.

Please feel free to use these tools:

Yahoo & Google Inbound Links
The purpose of this tool is to provide a listing of all the inbound links to the domain that is entered into the tool. It uses two frames to show Yahoo and Google results on the same page.

Yahoo & Google Indexed Pages
This tool is similiar to the one above in that it shows both Yahoo and Google SERPS for the URL provided. It shows each in its own frame, on the same page, to give a quick and easy way to check your rankings.

More tools coming soon.