Class C IP Explained – What you need to know!

by Joshua Odmark

It is important to understand exactly what the class C IP means, and why it is important.

One of the things that I always preach when it comes to SEO, is to step back, and look at it from a common sense standpoint.

If three of your sites are using the same exact shared IP, and they are linking to each other, it is conceivable that “someone” or “something” could program an algorithm to decrease the value of links if they are on the same IP. Take that a step further, and if the sites are on the same IP range (1-255) than the same thing could potentially apply.

This is where the Class C IP Range comes into play.

If you use the same host for multiple sites, I suggest using this simple tool to check whether your sites are on the same Class C IP. You could potentially be losing link authority due to this.

It is generally cheap to purchase a static IP. Our host, offers us IP’s for $1. However, a “reason” must be given as to why the IP is needed. Generally they are only distributed for SSL connections. Contact your host for more information about obtaining a static IP for your website.

Here is the Class C IP explained:

An IP has 4 sets of numbers ranging between (0-255).


The CLASS C IP is: 74.54.139

It is the 3rd subset.

So if the following sites have these IP addresses:



They have the same CLASS C IP.

If I owned both SITE A and SITE B I would request a different “CLASS C IP” from my webhosting company. They will know exactly what you mean when you make this request, chances are this isn’t the first time they have heard this request.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to leave a comment and I will respond to them.

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